We’re all in this together. Brotherton Strategies regularly collaborates with other agencies, organizations and people.

Below you’ll find links to a few of our friends and fellow-travelers, colleagues and co-conspirators. If the adage is true that you can really judge a person by the company he keeps, you’ll think highly of Brotherton Strategies after getting to know the following:

“Brotherton Strategies helps focus and calibrate our communications to ensure we reach the right audiences with the strongest messages possible. With David’s support we’ve become much better storytellers, allowing us to more deeply engage our partners and donors on the critical issues facing our community.”
— Kris Hermanns, Pride Foundation

Brownbridge Strategies

Brownbridge Strategies is a one-person shop — when you hire Eric Brown, you actually get…Eric Brown. He helps clients create communications strategies, analyze their communications staffing structure, and make the case for new funding opportunities, among other projects. brownbridgestrategies.com

Cascade Philanthropy Advisors

Cascade Philanthropy Advisors provides trusted, personalized guidance to foundations and individual donors seeking to deepen their impact. The firm offers expertise not only in the science of effective giving but also the art–from designing focused philanthropic programs to helping donors engage next-generation family members in their efforts to create meaningful change. cascadephilanthropy.org

Cause Communications

Cause Communications is dedicated to helping nonprofits succeed by using the same branding strategies for-profit corporations use to build market share. causecommunications.org

Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW

CSNW provides lifetime quality care for formerly abused and exploited chimpanzees while advocating for great apes. Located on a 26-acre farm in the Cascade mountains, due east of Seattle, CSNW is one of only nine sanctuaries in the country that cares for chimpanzees. chimpsanctuarynw.org

Communication Matters

Communication Matters provides a model for effective communication based on attitudes, beliefs, and practices reported by hundreds of professionals across the social sector. Built by Brotherton Strategies and Scheiderer Partners for the Communications Network, the site is a roadmap for social change practitioners. com-matters.org

The Communications Network

The Communications Network is one of the most effective and vibrant “affinity” groups in the social sector, comprised of hundreds of communication professionals from every corner of the globe. The Network helps foundations and nonprofits improve lives through the power of smart communications, and has been a trusted partner to Brotherton Strategies since the day we opened our doors. comnetwork.org

Firmani + Associates

The Firmani team provides innovative communication, marketing and social-media campaigns for professional service companies. Good people, doing good work. firman.com

Andy Goodman

Andy Goodman is a communications consultant who specializes in helping public interest groups, foundations, and progressive businesses communicate more effectively through print, broadcast media, and the Internet. agoodmanonline.com

Good Unlimited

Good, Unlimited. is all about helping mission-driven organizations and businesses harness the power of authentic communications and brand. goodunltd.com


GivingData’s solutions combine full-featured grants management systems with disciplined and experienced strategic consulting to help foundations transform their grantmaking operations. givingdata.com


Grist provides readers a daily does of environmental news, commentary, insight and opinion. They call it gloom and doom with a sense of humor. We call it the best damned environmental magazine out there – online or off. grist.org

Groundwork Strategies

Groundwork Strategies, a frequent partner and collaborator to Brotherton Strategies, provides strategic communications expertise to advance solutions for challenges facing our climate, cities and forests. groundworkstrategies.com

The Keller Group

The Keller Group is a full-service communications firm, offering strategic counsel in public relations, crisis management and public affairs. thekellergroup.com


Kite is a Seattle based brand strategy and implementation firm passionate about building authentic brands for a diverse national clientele. kitebrandstudio.com

Luma Consulting

Comprised of a team of seasoned nonprofit and foundation veterans, Luma offers strategic and business planning, organizational analysis and evaluation, interim staffing services, and more. luma-consulting.com

Lightbox Collaborative

Lightbox Collaborative helps nonprofits, philanthropies, social entrepreneurs, and other do-gooders jump start thinking, create clarity, and spark action in order to increase impact. lightboxcollaborative.com

Long Story Short

One of the best video production shops around for telling powerful, beautiful stories about the hard work of social change. LSS is an award-winning, independent creative consulting and production firm who gets it. lssmedia.com



MEMconsultants provides services that empower community-based organizations with the planning, evaluation, and collaboration skills necessary to achieve remarkable results. memconsultants.com

Minerva Strategies

The Minerva team provides senior-level counsel to some of the world’s most forward-thinking nonprofits, foundations, and social enterprises, and using that counsel to advance positive change. They are close partners and frequent collaborators with Brotherton Strategies. minervastrategies.com

Monster Design

Monster Design brings method to eccentricity, logic to creativity, and endless charisma to the world of design. They get it done right, on time and on budget. monsterinvasion.com

Moxie Media

Moxie Media is a national award-winning political and creative consulting company that provides progressive candidates and organizations with strategies and communications. moxiemedia.biz

Nice World Industries

Nice World Industries is the creative showcase for Peter (NICE) Mitchell, Multimedia Creative Director / Producer. Nice World offers ideas & creative direction, fierce digital design, UI/UX/Research, digital marketing consultation, marketing automation platforms, social media content, website & CMS development, wireframes & prototypes, and more. niceworld.org

Nonprofit AF

Written by the irreverent and hilarious Vu Lee, NPWB delivers a weekly smackdown on the frequent disconnects between funders, grantees, and others in the nonprofit orbit. Quality of posts is directly and inversely related to how late he stays up watching Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. nonprofitaf.com

Pyramid Communications

Pyramid Communications is a full-service public affairs firm dedicated to socially responsible causes. They are writers, graphic designers, web developers, filmmakers, special events managers, campaigners, researchers and strategists. They’re also nice people. pyramidcommunications.com

Ross Hogin Design

Ross Hogin Design is an independent design consultancy with deep experience in brand development and both print and interactive disciplines, offering a seamless brand experience across a wide spectrum of media. hogin.com

Seven November Inc.

Seven November Inc. is a communications consultancy advancing the work of innovative charitable foundations, nonprofit organizations, philanthropists and socially responsible corporations that improve the quality of life of children and families around the world. sevennovember.com

Skipton Creative

A first-rate collaborator, Skipton Creative offers content strategy and creation. Alice Skipton is the sole proprietor of this shop. Her goal is to increase your story-telling capacity. skiptoncreative.com

Slantyhouse Productions

Slantyhouse Productions is a boutique video production house, specializing in promotional documentaries for small businesses, non-profit organizations and professional artists. While their projects vary in size and scope, their mission is always to tell a story as unique as the client it serves. slantyhouseproductions.com

Soapbox Communications

Soapbox Communications is about giving a voice to issues, businesses and products: reducing poverty, preserving endangered species, and supporting small farmers, just to name a few. teamsoapbox.com

Soapbox Inc: Speakers Who Speak Out

Soapbox Inc: Speakers Who Speak Out is a speakers’ bureau representing outspoken experts with a progressive take on current events and culture. soapboxinc.com

Speaking of Change

Speaking of Change presents six compelling stories of how social change is created and how foundations can use communications to achieve greater impact. Developed by Brotherton Strategies on behalf of The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, this fun and informative website offers a primer for communication pros and hobbyists alike — a sure bet for anyone who wants to learn how words and pictures drive action and change. SpeakingChange.org

Spitfire Strategies

Spitfire Strategies provides communications solutions to promote positive social change. Their passion is to help those bringing positive change find an effective voice to communicate their vision. spitfirestrategies.com

Uncommon, Inc.

Uncommon workswith NGOs, non-profits, and socially-minded clients to develop transformative engagement programs, and bring them to life on the ground. Offering everything from program management to content distribution strategies. uncommon-inc.com